Vote Tuesday, March 1

Re-elect Selectman Joe Pato

It has been my privilege to serve on the Lexington Board of Selectmen since 2013 and as chair since the summer of 2014. I ask for your support in my bid for re-election to the Board this coming March.

The Selectmen are Lexington’s community stewards. We are responsible for maintaining the fiscal, physical, and service infrastructure of the Town as well as the social fabric that unites the town into a community.

During my tenure I have been a champion in all of these areas.

  • I have pursued sustainability for our assets - making sure that we pursue a better building program so that our facilities serve us well in the long-term; that we reduce our consumption of resources and increase our contribution of energy production by deploying solar panels on municipal buildings and facilities, saving money for the town and doing our share for the global environment.
  • I have kept a focus on public safety - both in how we equip and house our police and fire department personnel and how we make our streets and sidewalks safe and accessible for all - for those who walk, bike, drive, or who need assistance in navigating through the town.
  • Within the bounds of my role as Selectman, I have been helping our community to address growing school enrollments. Our exemplary school system and welcoming community have attracted many new families. This growth enriches Lexington - increasing the number of young people in the community and broadening the cultures from which our residents originate. Growth, however, strains our school system and requires careful planning and extensive outreach to develop community-wide agreement for how to adapt.

Working on hard problems is what I love to do. I work to develop consensus, to engage all respectfully and equally, and strive to make sure all are welcomed. Doing so in Lexington has been my pleasure and I hope you will support me in my candidacy for another term as Selectman.


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Office Hours

Joe is holding expanded office hours:

Sat. Feb.6, 11am-12pm, Cary Commons, Cary Memorial Library, 1847 Mass Ave

Joe holds weekly office hours every Wednesday:

10-11am, Town Office Building, Selectmen’s Office, 2nd Floor, 1625 Mass Ave

2-3pm, Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Rd

Meet Joe!

Thu., February 11, 7:30pm

 League of Women Voters

 Candidates’ Night

 Clarke Middle School

 17 Stedman Rd

 Doors open at 7pm

 Precinct meetings begin at 7:30

 Town-Wide Office Candidates Debate 8pm, Auditorium